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Branding And How To Personalise Your App
Branding And How To Personalise Your App

Personalise your GoProposal app with your logo, colours, background images and fonts

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It's important that you create a seamless experience for you clients by making GoProposal look like the rest of your promotional and sales materials.

You can personalise the branding of your app with your brand colours, logo, a background image on the proposal tool itself and a range of popular fonts.

This is how you do it.

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How It Works

When you create a proposal, the page will be branded up with your background image, logo and colours. We will do this for you if we have your graphics/colours!

Likewise you will see your company header, the same colours and a font throughout the PDF document itself.

By branding your app, you can control all of these aspects of your proposal to create an impressive look and feel to your system and wow your clients! Here's how.

How To Brand Your App

Step 1. Branding your app

Log in to your app and go to Settings > Company and then select Branding from the left hand tab.

Here, you can configure all of the features shown above.

Brand colour

Hit select colour to bring up a colour palette to find an exact match to choose from. If you are having trouble emulating your firms colours exactly, please get in touch.


You can choose from a menu of fonts as you would like them to appear throughout the PDF general text and headings. For a full list of fonts, click here.


You can upload your company logo as you'd like it to appear throughout the proposal PDF.

If you want to upload a slightly different image for the proposal header and create proposal page, tick the relevant box and then upload this version from your desktop.


Banners are important since they appear at the top of the 'create a proposal' page and so are really good at giving a great impression to your clients.

Optimum size: 1200px - 1500px


This text will appear at the bottom of every page of your proposal. You can overwrite this with legal information, such as in the example below, or simply key details.

Step 2. Previewing your changes

Once you're happy, you'll want to save your settings and preview your changes by creating a proposal. You don't need to save this so it doesn't count to any limits!

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If you have any questions, please reach out to us in the chat box below! 😃

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