A well structured proposal is designed to get your client to say 'yes'. Testimonials are a great way to convince your prospects that the promises your making about the value you can provide, has already been delivered to others.

This is how you can add testimonials to your proposals and how they appear.

How To Insert Testimonials

Step 1. Go to Configure > Proposal Templates & E-mails 

Log in to the admin section of your app and go to proposal templates & e-mails.

Step 2. Edit proposal type

Select edit next to an existing template to tweak or add a testimonial to that proposal type.

In Go Proposal, you can have as many proposal templates as you wish. This enables you to personalise the content that goes out with a specific quote, for example to a specific industry.

Step 3. Select the PDF tab.

Ensure the PDF tab is selected - this is where you will control the PDF content.

Step 4. Add in your testimonials

You can add up to three testimonials to your PDF and these can be added wherever you see the testimonial toggle. 

Testimonials are displayed here in the order they will appear in the PDF. 

Step 5. Save your settings

Once you are happy, save your settings.

Preview Your Changes

To preview your changes, create a proposal and complete it. Once you have done so, scroll down the sections and open 'preview proposal.'

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