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How To Insert Testimonials Into Your Proposals
How To Insert Testimonials Into Your Proposals

Prove the value you can provide to your prospects with well placed testimonials from existing clients.

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A well structured proposal is designed to get your client to say 'yes'. Testimonials are a great way to convince your prospects that the promises you're making about the value you can provide, has already been delivered to others.

This is how you can add testimonials to your proposals.

Adding Testimonials to Your Proposals

Step 1. Go to Configure > Templates & Emails

Step 2. Edit a proposal template

Select edit next to an existing template you would like to add a proposal template to.

Step 3. Add the testimonial within the PDF tab

Within the PDF tab you can control the aesthetics and wording of your proposals, including adding testimonials.

As you scroll through the PDF tab, you will see you can insert up to three testimonials by toggling the button on and adding the name, company and testimonial of your client.

👆You could even create different proposal templates for different niches you work with, each with relevant testimonials.

Step 4. Save your settings

Once you are happy, save your settings.

Preview Your Changes

To preview your changes, you just need to create a proposal, complete the details and scroll down to the proposal preview..

..or you can e-mail it to yourself to understand the full client experience!

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