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How To Set Your Basic Company Details
How To Set Your Basic Company Details

Learn about the various company settings available in your GoProposal app.

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This is a very straightforward section of your GoProposal app where you set you basic company details that will appear throughout your app.

How To Set-Up

Log in to the admin section of your app and go to Settings > Company > Company Details

Here you can tweak the following:

  • Company name and e-mail - As seen throughout your Go Proposal app.

  • Proposal prefix - This forms the first two letters of the unique proposal ID created with every proposal.

  • Current proposal number - For every proposal you create, this number will increase by one. You can set this so it reflects your current proposal output before implementing Go Proposal.

  • Version number - You can choose whether or not you'd like multiple drafts of a proposal to be given version numbers within the ID. Learn more here

If you have any questions, please reach out to us in the chat box below! 😃

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