Each proposal you produce is emailed to your clients and your team.

You can configure different email content for different proposal templates and you can even edit them on the fly if need be.

This is how you do it...

^ Please note: We have updated this feature so now you will control which documents you send to your client here and the signature requirements here.

How To Edit The Proposal E-mails

Step 1. Go to Configure > Proposal Templates & E-mails

Log in to the admin area of your app, Configure > Proposal Templates and E-mails.

Each proposal template can have it's own e-mail content to ensure the messaging is in line with the type of proposal your client will be receiving.

Step 2. Edit a proposal type

Step 3. Select the e-mails tab

Select the e-mails tab in the popup box that appears.

Learn more about other features of proposal templates you can edit here.

Step 4. Construct your e-mails

You can construct the e-mail that both your client and staff will receive when a proposal of this type is created.

Client e-mail content

Tweak the content for your client e-mail here.

Merge fields are a great way to automate key references, such as client details.

Staff e-mail content

Tweak the content for the staff e-mail here.

By default, these e-mails will go to the staff member who produced the proposal.

đŸ‘† You can use the additionally e-mail to field to ensure other staff members are also notified by including a general admin address here, for example.

Step 5. Save your settings

Once you've finished building out the content, save your settings.

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