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Where do I edit the proposal e-mail that gets sent to my client and staff?
Where do I edit the proposal e-mail that gets sent to my client and staff?

Every proposal you create will be sent via e-mail to your clients and staff members. Here's how to configure what these say.

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Each proposal you produce is emailed to your clients and your team.

This is how you tweak that content..

Step 1. Finding the correct proposal template

Each proposal template you build in GoProposal can have it's own e-mail content to ensure the content for your client is in line with different types of work you may be delivering.

Head to Configure > Proposal Templates and locate the template you need..

..and select edit next to that template.

Step 2. Configure your E-mail content

Select the e-mails tab within the editor to configure your content.

The client e-mail content appears first and this is the e-mail the primary contact (and any additional signatories) will receive when you send a proposal and engagement letter.

Staff e-mail content can be configured just below and this is the e-mail that is sent to the team member that creates the proposal.

What do the traffic light colours mean?

Beside each proposal template you will see green, amber or red. The traffic light colours beside a proposal template indicate the level of email deliverability.

If the traffic light colour is showing amber or red, this means the email deliverability score is low, and the email may end up in the clients spam box.

Beside the score, you can 'Check email for spam', and edit your content per our recommendations.

With both e-mails you can..

  • Choose from a list of merge tags to automate key information for your client

  • Check and amend your e-mail content using our Spam Checker

If you have any questions, please reach out to us in the chat box below! 😃

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