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Configure The Pricing Settings
Configure The Pricing Settings

Annual revenue ranges, minimum monthly fees and price rounding.

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Your pricing settings cover the annual revenue ranges, minimum monthly fees, currency, tax and more.

Configuring these will allow you to make your app work precisely as you want it to. Find out how below.

Explainer Video - Your Pricing Settings

Your Pricing Settings Explained

You will find your pricing settings in the admin area of your app from Configure > Pricing Settings..

On this page you can configure your default Annual Revenue Ranges, Default Tax Rates and Currencies and other important pricing information.

Please note: The services and fees you charge are controlled by line items.

Annual Revenue Ranges

The annual revenue range will be one of the first things you select when you create a proposal and is one of the available pricing methods for your services (line items).

You can configure exactly what you want these ranges to be. All you need to do is overwrite the current ranges or add a new range.

Secondary Revenue Style Prices

You can add a second set of revenue style ranges if need be. For example, you might find Investment Size effects the way you may price a lot of services and so choose to add this in as a second range.

Once you have chosen these ranges, these will become available as another pricing method for your line items, and you can assign different fees to each range.

Second revenue style ranges will also appear when creating proposal so any services using this new pricing method can be priced accordingly.

Price Rounding

By default, the fees in the proposal are rounded to the nearest £ or $. To override the default, enable 'don't round prices?'

To locate this you need to go to configure > pricing tool set up > scroll down this page to locate the "Price Rounding" tick box.

Minimum Monthly Fee

You can set a minimum monthly fee for every proposal, if you generate a proposal which is less than this value it will add a top up fee to take it to this amount..

Please note: If you would like to assign different minimum monthly fees for different types of work, you can set minimum fees at a proposal template level.


We have a 23 currencies and display style to choose from. To do so scroll to the currency section of the pricing tool set up and select your option from the dropdown.

Tax Labels and Percentages

You can apply a tax label and percentage, so that this is added to your proposal beneath the net calculation.

Display Breakdown of Fees in Proposal

This is where you will decide how you want the fees to be displayed in your proposal - either a full breakdown of line item fees or a total.

Upsell Section

You may choose to add certain services to a clients Roadmap with you, rather than delivering them straight away.

When creating a proposal, you can select these services using either a heart or roadmap icon.

Here, you can choose whether you want your upsell section to have the roadmap or to consider icon.

Whilst this may just seem a small edit, it's a huge improvement on the message that you're sending.

Road-mapped services will then pull into a separate part of your proposal Decide whether you would like to show fees against road-mapped or upsell services.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us in the chat box below 😃

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