A line item is a service and each line item is configured from several pieces of data such as its title, description and price. It's important that you know how to configure every aspect of a line item because there are some really cool features in there.

How To Configure Your Line Items

Step 1. Go to Configure > Line Items. 

You can find a full list of your services by going to this page, in order that they would appear when you create a proposal. To get to grips with what everything on this page means, watch this short video.

Step 2. Select edit line

To configure an existing service, click on edit line next to that service. 

Or.. add a new line item and build up from scratch

Step 3. Configuring your line item

A pop-up box should appear enabling you to edit various features of the service. 

Features of A Line Item

Below is a full description of the features you will see.

Line Item Label

This is the title of the service which will be displayed to your clients in the proposal tool and into the proposal that gets produced.

Integration Section

If you have connected your GoProposal app up to something like Xero, QuickBooks or Karbon, then you may have an integration section of the Line Item. This is where you could attribute this specific line item to a an Account Code in Xero or a Workflow in Karbon for example.


This is where you will add in your service description. This is essentially your sales description and it will be displayed in the proposal PDF, in the 'Services You Have Selected' section.

Service Schedule

This is where you will copy in your service schedule for this line item. When this service is selected in the proposal, this will pull automatically into the 'Schedule of Services' section of the letter of engagement.

Pricing Type

This is where you will choose the way you would like to price for this service. We have 5 different pricing types in Go Proposal. Select from this drop down to pick one. Click here for more on these.

Tax Rate to use

If you choose to add multiple tax rates into your app, then you will be given the choice over what tax you'd like to apply to this service here. 


Check this box to start to build up the complexity of the initial pricing type using calculations.

For example in the case of Annual Accounts, you can multiply the basic fee (based upon the pricing type chosen) by variants that depend on the quality of your clients records.


Tooltips are mini descriptions of your service which can be enabled by ticking this box. 

The text you add to your tool tip will be brought up alongside that service when you create a proposal. They are great for providing support to the person meeting your client or clarification of anything you feel is key.

You could also use a video or an image here to really wow your client. 😍

Step 4. Save

All that's left to do is save your line item.

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