There are key settings for every proposal template that you'll want to get right.

These include the proposal name, type, the minimum monthly fee for that proposal and the documents you'd like to send across.

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Note: We've upgraded these settings... so now you can also apply a minimum monthly fee for each proposal template and decide which documents you'd like to send out with each proposal template. Read on to learn more!

Step By Step Guide to Your Key Settings

Step 1. Go to Configure > Proposal Template & E-mails

This will bring up a list of your current templates.

Step 2. Edit or Add A New Proposal Template.

Add a new proposal type or edit an existing one.

Step 3. Configure your Key Settings

The key settings include all of the initial fields in this box such as the proposal name, type, minimum monthly fee and the documents you'd like to send over.

The Settings

  • Proposal Name

This is the naming convention for this proposal type, for example new client vs extra work order (mid-year).

Make sure this is clear and avoids ambiguity, so you and your team can use it easily.

  • Proposal Type

Proposal types refer to the type of work associated with a particular proposal. In the system there are three options: a proposal, renewal or extra work order.

Choose the correct option from the drop down.

  • Choose which documents you'd like to send

This setting allows you to choose between sending only proposals or proposals without engagement letters. Learn more about using this feature here.

  • Redirect when proposal is accepted

Re-direct your clients elsewhere when they have approved their proposal. Learn more about using this feature here.

  • Set a minimum monthly fee at a proposal template level

Specify a minimum monthly fee for this proposal template, or leave it as the default which which is set in your pricing settings. This feature is great if you want to vary your minimum fee for different entities, such as sole traders and limited companies.

Step 4. Save your proposal template

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