In Go Proposal, you can create as many different proposal templates as you like. 

The proposal template will be one of the first things you will select when creating a proposal:

The type chosen will control the proposal PDF content, what the e-mails to your client will say and where they will be redirected to upon signing. 

This allows you to modify your content to suit a particular niche or type of work order. 

Here's how to edit a proposal template and configure these settings..

Edit A Proposal Template

Step 1. Go to Configure > Proposal Templates and E-mails

Step 2. Select edit 

Next to the proposal type you want to tweak, click edit. Alternatively, you can select 'add proposal template' to create a new type. 

A pop-up box will appear allowing you to tweak key aspects of the proposal type.

The details in this box control three aspects of a proposal type. Follow the links below to delve into each of these features more.

  • The 3 Key Settings - this includes the proposal name, the type of work order and where your client will be redirected to upon signing a proposal of this type.
  • PDF Content - this is where you control the content that appears in the proposal PDF, such as the introductory text and graphics.
  • E-mails - this is where you will dictate the e-mail content that goes out with the proposal. You may want this to differ for a new proposal compared with one for a fee review, for example.
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