When you create a proposal and hit get calculation, you'll be presented with the monthly and one off totals for the proposal.

There have been changes to how this interface looks to enrich its appearance and further communicate professionalism to your clients.

What does everything mean? 

Billing Cycle

We are strong advocates of monthly billing but in some scenarios you might want to charge annually, for example if you are completing a previous years work. 

Decide whether you want to bill monthly or annually using this button. 

Fees in the proposal

Dictate whether you would like to show totals only or a full breakdown in your proposal.

Display Fees

Use the eye to demonstrate which line items the fees are coming from.

The symbols besides each section let you dictate whether you want to display totals only or a breakdown of fees for each section. Find out more about this here

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>> Display sub totals per section in your proposal

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