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What Is The Alignment Fee? How do I configure the settings?
What Is The Alignment Fee? How do I configure the settings?

The alignment fee helps you to confidently communicate any catch up costs that are required to your client.

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Some services such as annual accounts will require 12 months of work no matter which month of your clients financial year you begin the work.

The alignment fee can be calculated on any proposal containing this type of work to ensure you don't lose out financially on services you charge annually.

TIP: See here if you are looking to learn how to produce a proposal which includes previous years accounts work and ongoing work.

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How It Works

When you create a proposal, the difference between your start date and end date may be under 12 months.

If this is the case, and you select the Annual Accounts Service in the proposal, the alignment fee will apply by default.

You can present this to your client in the meeting and provide them with the option to pay this monthly or as a one off cost. 

The fee will then be presented in the table of fees within the proposal and explained beneath this.

There will be a * next to any service for which the fee has been applied.

Configuring The Settings

You can tweak how the alignment fee is presented to your client and which line items and proposal types you want to apply the fee too 👍

Step 1. Go to Configure > Pricing Tool-Set-Up > Alignment Fee

Log in to the admin area of your app and go to pricing tool set up. Ensure you have the alignment fee selected on the left hand tab.

Step 2. Configure your settings

On this page, you can specify which services you would like the alignment fee to apply to and how you would like to present it.

A) Apply to which Line Items or Sections

Add any line items or sections that you would like this fee to apply to into this box.

B) Apply to which proposals

Choose which proposal types you want to apply the fee too, alternatively you can type in all proposals.

C) Alignment fee explanation on tool

Dictate how you would like the alignment fee to be presented when creating a proposal.

The above text will appear as follows when you create a proposal.

D) Alignment fee explanation in PDF (monthly and one-off)

Construct the explanation for the alignment fee as you'd like it to appear in your clients proposal document.

There is a monthly and one-off field so you can tweak the explanations depending on the payment method your client chooses.

For example, altering the monthly description above would transform as follows in your clients proposal.

Step 3. Save any changes you have made

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