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Using the Pricing Matrix to Setup Your Fees
Using the Pricing Matrix to Setup Your Fees

The GoProposal Matrix uses a very clever algorithm to provide you with a starting point for your pricing based on your fees and our methods.

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You may feel daunted when it comes to getting your pricing system right in GoProposal, or haven't quite figured things out yet.

Our Pricing Matrix is a quick and intelligent way to get a starting point with your fees, which you can then adjust and nudge up and down to make your own.

Watch our 1 minute help video:

How It Works

Answer some basic questions about how you would price certain services, and the Matrix will use an algorithm to populate your line items with fees which you can then nudge up and down.

The wizard will synergise YOUR fees with OUR methodologies, so you can take a look at how these methods could work for you.

How To Use The Pricing Matrix

Existing members

You can use the Matrix set up via our import feature.

New members

When you first sign up, there will be a popup in your app which will prompt you to answer the pricing wizards questions. You can complete this right away..

Using the Matrix

The next few pages of the Matrix will ask you some basic questions about your firm and your fees. 

We only ask that you think of your most profitable clients when you answer these, so your Matrix can generate a list of fees that will help you systemise this approach across all of your clients.

Once you have answered all the questions, you will be prompted to accept the agreement before completing the process.

What next?

  • Head to the create a proposal tool and generate a test proposal to see what has been suggested.

  • Review and edit your services by heading to configure > line items and clicking edit next to those that you are most interested in.
    See our help article here for further assistance on how to edit your line items.

Can I Reset The Pricing Matrix? 

You can, however any changes you have made to your line items will be lost. Please message our team if you would like to discuss this further.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us in the chat box below!

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