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What are Service Schedules? Where can I find mine?
What are Service Schedules? Where can I find mine?

Understand what we mean by service schedules in GoProposal and where you can find these in your letter of engagement.

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Service schedules are paragraphs of legal text that are specific to a service you are delivering to your client, such as payroll and annual financial statements.

These must be included in the letter of engagement you send out to a client who has selected that service from you.

Generating the correct letter of engagement for every client, with all of the correct references, details and service schedules can be time consuming

Using GoProposal, you can ensure that you get this right every time you create a proposal and that your letters pull all necessary services through to the 'schedule of services section.'

Learn how you can set your letter of engagement and service schedules up here, so that you can generate the correct letter automatically every time.

Finding Your Service Schedules

Open a copy of a letter of engagement you have recently sent to a client. Service schedules sit outside of the introduction, scope and terms and conditions and always relate to the delivery of a specific service.

Some examples of how these are titled throughout your letter:

  • Preparation of annual financial statements

  • Preparation of VAT returns

  • Benefits In Kind (P11D) services

  • Payroll services

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