The AppsMap™ feature is designed to support you in placing your accounting business as an app authority and expert.

Please read this article to understand how to set the AppsMap up from scratch.

Adding an AppsMap Icon to your AppsMap

Here's how to add or change an icon in your AppsMap..

Step 1. Go to Configure > Line Items 

AppsMap icons are assigned to individual line items, so that when that app is selected in a proposal it is included within the AppsMap.

Step 2. Edit the line item 

Edit the line item with the AppsMap icon you want to change.

Step 3. Add or change your icon

Navigate to the 'AppsMap Icon' tab and select add app icon...

.. add your app icon by opting to choose an icon from the library.

Searching for an icon 

You can search our database of icons by app name to find what you don't need.

Requesting an icon that we don't have

If we don't have the icon you need, you can request one here.

What does everything else mean? 

You also setup other key areas of the AppsMap from this tab. You can learn what everything else means here.

Step 4. Save your line item

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