What is a tooltip?

Tooltips are a great way to provide nuggets of information either to you or your staff member to communicate the service to the client during the proposal stage.  

The content you add here can be brought up when creating a proposal and serve as powerful aid memoirs for you and your team.

How Do I Add a Tooltip? 

You can add a tooltip for any service you need, by configuring that line item

  1. Go to Configure >  Line Items

  2. Find the service you wish to edit. 

  3. Click Edit > Scroll down to the 'Add Tooltip' tick box and check it.

You can choose to add text, images or even videos to serve as your tooltips! 

How can I view the finished tooltip?

You can view the completed tooltip by going to the 'Create Proposal' screen.

  1. Click 'Create Proposal'

  2. Find the service line that you added the tooltip to.

  3. Click the question mark below 'More Info'


So now you've learnt how to edit tooltips, what else can you learn today?

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