Where do I add my terms and conditions?

Learn where you can add your terms of conditions into GoProposal so they are included within your letter of engagement.

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Before reading this article, it is best to get a general overview of how the letter of engagement is set up in Go Proposal which can be found here.

As part of setting up your Engagement Letters in GoProposal, you will need to add your firms standard T&C's into your app.

Step 1. Head to your Engagement Letter Suite

Head to Configure > Engagement Letters > Engagement Letter Suite..

..on this page you will see a tab to open up your Scope Library, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Notice, Schedule of Services and Agreement Statements.

These individual elements will combine automatically when you create a proposal to generate the correct engagement letter every time. For an overview of how this works, click here.

Step 2. Editing your Terms and Conditions

To add or edit the terms and conditions in your engagement letter, open up the section using the arrow indicated below.

From here, you will be able to add or amend your Terms and Conditions.

You will want to copy and paste the standard T&C's for your firm into here.

If you are subscribed to the OverSuite for your Engagement Letters then this process is slightly different. Click here to understand how you would do this.

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