Before reading this article, it is best to get a general overview of how the letter of engagement is set-up in Go Proposal which can be found here.

In GoProposal, you can have multiple letter of engagement templates each with their own legal content and terms and conditions. 

Setting your system up this way allows you to automatically pull through the correct legal content for every proposal you create.

Adding Your Terms and Conditions

You will add your terms and conditions in with every letter of engagement template you need, in case these differ for partnerships, limited companies etc..

Step 1. Go to Configure > Letter of engagement > Letter of engagement types

Login to the admin area of your app and go to the letter of engagement section. All of your letter templates will be listed here. 

Step 2. Edit the template with the T&C's you need to change or add.

Step 3. Add your terms and conditions

Copy and paste your terms and conditions from your current letter into this box.

You can also transfer the introduction and scope of your letter of engagement into your template. For more on setting these up click here.

Step 4. Save! 

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