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Where can I manage my proposals? (View details, edit, duplicate, delete & send)
Where can I manage my proposals? (View details, edit, duplicate, delete & send)

Discover where and how you can manage your proposals.

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All of the proposals you create can be managed from your proposal dashboard.

By default, the dashboard will bring up a list of proposals created over the past 30 days but you can filter your display or search for a specific proposal where required.

What Can I Do From This Dashboard?

Filter your proposals

Filter proposals by status, type, time period and more to bring up exactly what you need..

Once you have selected your filter options, a 'refresh proposals' button will appear for you to click in order to refresh the list and bring through the data you have requested from the allocated filters.

View your proposal and e-mail status

You can see whether emails have been opened, received or bounced beneath the email status tab..

and view your proposal status from the dashboard.

You can see how far along you are with attaining all of the signatures you need from your proposal dashboard.

A pop up box will appear to show you who you are waiting on.

View proposal details

You can view key proposal details by hovering over the row beneath the signatures button and clicking view proposal details.

Download PDFs of your documents

You can also download your documents by clicking on the documents button and choosing to download either the PDF or the Letter of Engagement.

Duplicate, delete or edit proposals

Beneath the actions tab, you can edit existing drafts, duplicate proposals or re-send existing proposals to your client.

If your proposal has been accepted and has the won status then you won't be able to make edits to it. To make edits to a won proposal, you'll need to reset it status.

Resetting the status, setting to won/lost and making live.

Every proposal has several options beneath the Outcomes title on your dashboard. Outcomes available to you will vary depending on the status of your proposal.

A) Live proposals

If your proposal is live but the letter of engagement has not yet been signed you can manually set it to won or lost using the thumbs up and down icons.

This is useful in cases where your client can't use digital acceptance.

B) Won proposals
If your letter of engagement has been signed and the proposal has a 'WON' status you can reset the status of that proposal.

Resetting the status will give you the option to make edits to that proposal.

C) Draft proposals

If your proposal is still in draft, you will have the option to make it live and send it to your client once you're ready.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us! 😃

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