Where can I view my proposal status?

The proposal status lets you know if your proposal is in draft, live or has been accepted by your client.

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Proposal Status

The proposal status is great for keeping track of the status of your proposals and whether or not your client has accepted them.

Where Can I View My Proposal Status?

You can see the status of any proposal on your dashboard beneath the status tab.

They can be in draft, live, won or lost.

Status Breakdown

Draft - If your proposal is in draft it means you haven't sent it to the client yet.

Live - If your proposal is live it means it has been sent but not signed.

Won - If the proposal status is won it means this proposal has been approved or the letter of engagement has been signed your client.

Lost - Proposals will appear as lost if you have manually set them as lost. This option is available beneath the outcomes tab for live proposals.

You could use this when you know your client has not accepted the engagement, or the proposal has ran past its internal validity date.


You can also see how far along you are with attaining all of the signatures you need from your proposal dashboard.

Draft and live proposals will show as pending signatures..

.. clicking on the signatures button will allow you to see which signatures are pending.

Click here to understand more on how you can request multiple signatures for your proposals.

Won proposals will show ticks for the signatures.

What Next?

There are plenty of other ways you can manage your proposals from this dashboard.

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