The alignment fee is a great way to ensure you don't lose out financially on services you charge annually.

Where relevant, the fee will be presented on the calculation interface when creating a proposal, and articulated in the proposal you send to your clients.

You can learn more about how it works here.

The alignment fee has a default description designed to take the emotion out of charging for this work and present the catch up fee transparently to your client in the proposal.

You can change the way you word this description if you need to.

You can also control which services and proposals you would like this fee to apply to.

Control the services or proposals the Alignment Fee applies to

From your GoProposal app, go to Configure > Pricing Tool-Set-Up > Alignment Fee (left hand tab)

On this page, you can specify which services you would like the alignment fee to apply to..

.. you can also define which proposal templates you want to apply the fee too, alternatively you can type in all proposals.

Control the way the Alignment Fee is described and presented

From this same page, you can dictate how you would like the alignment fee to be presented when creating a proposal.

The above text will appear as follows when you create a proposal.

You can also construct the explanation for the alignment fee as you'd like it to appear in your clients proposal document.

There is a monthly and one-off field so you can tweak the explanations depending on the payment method your client chooses.

For example, altering the monthly description above would transform as follows in your clients proposal.

Save any changes you have made

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