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My client has signed the proposal but the invoice has not generated in Xero/Quickbooks?
My client has signed the proposal but the invoice has not generated in Xero/Quickbooks?

Learn what to do if your invoice hasn't generated after your client has accepted a proposal.

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Invoices will only be generated when a proposal has been signed or accepted. If this is the case but your invoice has not been created, follow the steps below.

Troubleshoot Steps

Head to Settings > Integrations > Xero or Quickbooks

Check 1. Please check all of the fields on your Xero/Quickbooks page have been filled out, including the default and alignment fee account codes.

If you don't have the option to select certain fields from the drop down, or all fields have been filled out, follow Check 2.

Check 2. Refresh your Xero/Quickbooks connection

Refresh your connection using the toggle/disconnect button to switch the integration off and on. The system will prompt you to reconnect to Xero or Quickbooks and define your settings again.

If you still can't fill all required fields out, please contact the support team using the chat for advice.

If you've been able to do this, you'll want to create a test proposal for yourself and sign this to see if the invoice has been generated.

Connection fixed but still need to push the missed invoices through?

Head to your proposal dashboard and find the proposal with the invoice you need to trigger..

..reset the status of this proposal back to live..

.. refresh your page and manually set it to won

This won't effect anything that your client sees or receives.

Refresh the page again and you should see that the invoice has been triggered!

Contact Support

If you're still having issues, please drop us a message in the intercom chat box.

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