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I can't login to my account, how do I access it?
I can't login to my account, how do I access it?

If you're having trouble accessing your account, please read through this article.

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Trouble logging into your GoProposal app?

If you are unable to get into your system, please read through the following checks to see if we can get to the root of the problem.

Check 1. Check your login credentials (case sensitive)

Passwords and e-mail addresses are both case sensitive, so please check through your login credentials.

Check 2. Has your free trial expired?

If your free trial expires we will keep your account open for two months before we deactivate it. Could this be the reason you are unable to login?

If you would like to revisit GoProposal, please e-mail and we will look at what we can do for you 👍

Neither of the above?

If neither of the above are the reason for your issues, please jump on the chat support or e-mail

To help us get to the root of the problem more quickly, please send on a brief description of what's happening when you try to login and any error messages. Screenshots are also really useful 😍

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