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I can't access the GoProposal Academy
I can't access the GoProposal Academy

Understand what checks to make if you can't access the academy.

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The GoProposal academy gives you access to courses which will provide you with the skills you need to sell with confidence and deliver even greater impact to your clients.

Access to the academy will unlock automatically when you activate your account.

If you can't get in, please follow these checks.

Check 1. Are you an active member?

Academy access will unlock on your GoProposal dashboard once the account is active. Alternatively you can purchase courses individually here.

Check 2. Are you logging in via the dashboard in your app?

If you are an active member, please ensure you are logging in from the dashboard in your app.

Check 3. Check the main account holders e-mail address

Please make sure that the e-mail address of the main account holder is the same as the e-mail on the company settings page (this is the field we use to grant access).

If you're unsure, drop us a message in the chat below or an e-mail to

Still Not Working?

Please e-mail or start a conversation with us below and we'll sort it.

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