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How to request multiple signatures on your Engagement Letter
How to request multiple signatures on your Engagement Letter

Sometimes you may need more than one person to sign an engagement letter on behalf of an organisation . Here's how you do this.

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With certain organisations you bring on board, they may require multiple people to authorise engagement letters and also give you permission to take instruction from and give advice to one person. We call this the nominated person.

GoProposals multiple signature feature allows you to get all of the authorization you need.

Explainer Video - Multiple Signatures

Step 1. Create a proposal and complete the details

Once you have finished creating a proposal and have generated the fee, select complete proposal.

Firstly fill out the company details..

and then the primary contact details (nominated person).

At this point you can add in any additional signatories needed..

If you would like them to authorise the engagement letter and your privacy notice then make sure you put a tick in the relevant boxes.

You can add multiple signatories by selecting add another person option..

and filling out the details in the same way.

Step 2. Sending your proposal for multiple signature

Once you hit send, the primary contact will be e-mailed a copy of the proposal and engagement letter.

Using a button that is included in the proposal e-mail and PDF, the nominated person will be able to click through approve their documents (check your approval options are configured correctly for this).

They will be then be taken to an acceptance panel to sign/approve the documents.

Once this person has signed or approved, it will be sent over to additional signatories for signature.

Step 3. Checking on the status of signatures

You can see how far along you are with attaining all of the signatures you need from your proposal dashboard.

Just click on the signatures button beneath the proposal status..

..a pop up box will appear to show you who you are waiting on.

You can resend e-mails to those who have not yet signed.

On The Spot Acceptance.

If you create the proposal while you are with your client, instead of waiting for the primary signatory to receive the email and complete the signatory process, you can do this with them on the spot.

You can do this by clicking on "OnTheSpot Acceptance" on the menu prompted after you send the proposal.

This will take you to the signatory screen, where your client can sign there and then with their preferred signature style, confirm their acceptance, and move to the remaining signatories clicking on the option to "confirm and move to next signature".


How will the final documents look?

Once both or multiple parties have signed, their signatures will appear beneath the confirmation of the engagement letter.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us in the chat box below! 😃

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