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Understand how to include your footer, professional body legend and a list of key people in your Engagement Letters.

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Awarding bodies may require that your letter footers contain specific information to be fully compliant when engaging a client, and that you list all directors, partners or members of the organisation in the document.

In GoProposal we call these elements Letterhead Components and this is how you can add or edit them so they are included in your letters.

** Please note that if you are subscribed to the GoProposal OverSuite, this will perfectly assemble fully compliant Letterhead Components adapted to your firm and all areas on this page will be automatically populated. You can still edit these if you wish as per the instructions below.

To upload a logo to the Letterhead Component section, OverSuite needs activated on your GoProposal app.

Explainer Video - Letterhead Components

Step 1. Finding your Letterhead Components page

From the admin area of your app, go to Configure > Engagement Letters > Letterhead Components.

All letterhead components including your footer, professional body legend and directors list can be added and amended from this page.

Step 2. Adding/Editing Letterhead Components

Below you will see how the different Letterhead Components will be presented in your engagement letters and where you need to go to include or edit these.

It is important in many cases to include a footer on your Engagement Letter in line with Awarding Body requirements.

Add your footer into the field beneath the label Letterhead Footer Text.

If you are subscribed to the GoProposal OverSuite then this will be automatically populated for you but you can tweak it in the same way.

List of Directors/Partners/Members

You can display a list of key people in your organisation on the Contents page of your Engagement Letter.

On your Letterhead Components page, you can define the title of your list (indicated above) as either Directors, Partners or Members..

..the list of directors that will appear in your Engagement Letters is defined by those directors you have assigned as Key People in GoProposal.

If you would rather make a link to a list of directors on your website, then switch your settings over from list to website link, and include the URL in the required field.

Professional Body Legend (OverSuite Users Only)

Including a Professional Body Legend to your Letters of Engagement is a requirement of certain professional bodies. We will add this in automatically for you once you have configured your OverSuite and provided us with the information we need!

This will be included automatically on the contents page of your Engagement Letters.

You can opt to switch this on or off and tweak the wording if needed.

From your Letterhead Components page (Step 1), tick the box to either include pr remove your Professional Body Legend.

You'll then need to type the text required by your awarding body into the field below the Professional Body Legend Text label.

Professional Body Legend (Non-OverSuite Users)

If you aren't using the OverSuite, you can still add your Professional Body Legend into your Engagement Letter. You could add this within your introduction, footer text or anywhere you like!

Step 3. Saving Settings and Previewing your Changes

Save your settings once you have made the changes you need.

To preview changes to your Engagement Letter, create a proposal and scroll through the complete details section to pull up a preview.

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