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Using the OverSuite wizard

Understand how to answer every question required by our Wizard when configuring your OverSuite!

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If you are subscribed to the OverSuite for the provision of your Engagement Letters, the first step in setting this up is launching the wizard and answering a series of questions about your firm.

If you are not subscribed to the OverSuite, then please see this article on setting up your Engagement Letters.

Your answers to these questions will allow the OverSuite to generate a full set of Smart Engagement Letters perfectly adapted to your firm.

Explainer Video - Answering The Wizard

If you are looking for clarification on the specific questions asked, there are quick video guides within each section of the wizard from our resident compliance expert, Valerie Steward.

Alternatively you can watch the full run through from Val below.

Frequently Asked Questions around The Wizard

Investment Services

Q: What counts as a referral? Is it any referral regardless of whether I directly gain commission?

A: If you effect an introduction it is a referral whether or not you receive commission
If you are referring someone to an IFA that will always be an introduction for investment business purposes

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