Why Review Fees?

Reviewing your clients fees is fundamental to making sure you are financially on top of changes to the scope of the work you do for them.

It also gives you a chance to revisit their current business circumstances and suggest additional services that will be of benefit to them.

At GoProposal we would recommend reviewing your clients payroll fees every month, bookkeeping fees every quarter and review all other fees (and additional opportunities) once per year.

So how would you issue a fee review in GoProposal?

For our best practice advice on how to get this setup and moving, read on.

Step 1. Getting Your Proposal Templates Ready

The first step to being able to effortlessly send fee reviews to your clients is getting your proposal templates ready for different review scenarios.

We would recommend creating two templates to account for all reviews you send:

  • A general fee review template (for regular payroll or bookkeeping reviews)

  • An annual fee review template (for your annual renewals)

You can then configure each of these templates so that the proposals contain relevant wording, the e-mails say exactly what they need to and the signature process is how you need it.


🤝 Choose the Renewal option within your template

🤝 For regular mid year fee reviews you may not need to send an engagement letter or get anything signed, so set this template to send a 'proposal only' and 'no acceptance' within the acceptance tab.

You could also go with 'acceptance button only' if you wanted your client to tick a box to simply say they approve the updated proposal.

🤝 Make sure your client e-mail content contains wording relevant to the process you are asking your clients to follow.. for example "Please find attached your fee review for reference. You don't need to do anything and we will amend your monthly fees"

🤝 If you want your fee review templates to be lighter with less content, you can switch off sections within the template.

Step 2. Sending Your Fee Reviews

Once you have your templates configured to send the correct e-mails and with the right wording, sending out a fee review should take no more than 5 minutes.

If this client is already on GoProposal, you just need to find their existing proposal from their dashboard and duplicate it.

This will open up their existing proposal and load up their current fee structure.

Move back into the create proposal part of this proposal and make the changes you need to recalibrate your fees.

Before getting the new total, change your proposal template to the review template you need and re-assign start and end dates if this is a new financial year.

TIP: If you are using Auto-Invoicing from GoProposal to QuickBooks or Xero, you can instruct the system to replace any existing invoices on repeat once the proposal is accepted or marked as won by your team.

Recalculate your totals by scrolling down to the calculation tool.

You can whiz through the complete proposal section to double check clients details and for a quick preview of your fee review document before sending it out!

🤝 You will always see the Engagement Letter preview, but this won't be sent if you have instructed it not to be in the proposal template.

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