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Roles and permissions
Roles and permissions

How to manage what users have access to in GoProposal.

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When you add or edit a member of your team to your GoProposal app, you must assign a role to them. This defines what this user can do in the system.

Default roles in GoProposal

There are two default roles for you to assign users to:

Global Administrator

Has full access to GoProposal.


Can create and send proposals to clients. They can view their own proposals but can't configure anything else.

📎NOTE: You can't edit the default roles.

Create your own roles

You can create additional roles with customised permissions.

  1. Click Account on the top right.

  2. Click Manage users.

  3. Click on the Roles tab.

  4. Click Add New Role.

  5. Under Role Name enter a name.

  6. Select the permissions you want to apply in each tab.

    The permissions are split into three sections:

    • Dashboard

    • Proposals

    • Configuration

  7. When you're done, click Save Role.

Now you can assign this role to a user.

Assign a role to a user

Before a user can process in GoProposal you must assign them to a role.

  1. In the Manage Users section click the Users tab.

  2. Next to the relevant user click Edit User.

  3. Under Role, click on the dropdown, then select the role you want to assign.

  4. Click Update User.

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