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Set admin rights and privileges and users
Set admin rights and privileges and users

Understand how you can set roles and permissions for different team members using GoProposal to be exactly how you need them.

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Explainer Video - Setting User Roles

How Do User Roles Work?

When adding or editing a member of your team to your GoProposal app, you are asked to assign a role which defines what this team member can do in the system.

There are two default roles for you to choose from.. but you can also create your own.

Global Administrator

A global administrator has full access to GoProposal and is not limited in functionality.


A member can create and send proposals to clients, view only their own proposals but cannot configure anything else in the system.

Creating Your Own Roles

Different organisations work in different ways, so if the default roles don't quite do what you need to do you can create your own!

Step 1. Creating a New Role

Head to the Account > Manage Users page from the admin area of your app. This will bring up a list of all current users in the system.

Switch over to the roles tab to view and manage existing roles or create new ones.

Please note that you cannot edit the default roles, you'll want to create one instead.

Create a new role

To create a new role, click add new role.

Within the box that pops up you can define exactly what you want team members with this role to be able to do in GoProposal.

This is split between the dashboard, creating proposals and the configuration area and you just need to check and uncheck boxes within each to define the role.

For example, if you would like a team member to only have login access to view proposals for admin purposes, then you would check only those boxes in the proposal tab.

Save your role once you're happy with it!

Step 2. Assign the Role to Team Members

The final step is to assign the Roles you just created to team members, so head back to the Users tab.

Edit the user you would like to assign this role to..

..and assign the role from the Roles dropdown.

Update the user and you're good to go!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us! 😃

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