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What to do if you make changes to OverSuite and that content is updated..
What to do if you make changes to OverSuite and that content is updated..

Here's what to do if you make changes to OverSuite content that gets automatically updated as part of our Quarterly Review of the landscape.

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If you are subscribed to the OverSuite, you will know that we run a Quarterly Review process where we look at professional body regulations to check there are no changes requiring an amendment to your letters of engagement.

We also review all service schedules and scopes to ensure that they are in line with any changes to legislation.

Some people choose to edit certain statements which means we can no longer control these specific parts of your Engagement Letters or auto-update them.

However, you can still revert to the OverSuite controlled content at any time and scan for updates.

Here's how you do that..

Step 1. Locate the affected content in your app

The OverSuite round-up blog gives you a breakdown of everything we have updated for you and when.

If you read through it and think you have amended content that will have been impacted by the changes, you'll want to find that content in your app.

For Service Schedules

If it's a Service Schedule that has been amended, go to Configure > Line Items..

and select 'edit line' against the affected service

For Introductions, Scopes and Terms and Conditions

If it's the introduction, scope or the terms and conditions of an engagement letter, you will want to go to Configure > Engagement Letters > Engagement Letter Suite.

Open up the tab where the updated content can be located.

Step 2. Scan for updates and revert if preferred

When looking through a Service Schedule or your Terms and Conditions, any text you have chosen control will appear in orange.

If this statement has been updated as part of our process it will be flagged to you with an 'update available' label.

If you hover over that statement and select 'edit' - a pop up box will appear allowing to view and revert to the update if preferred.

So scan through and look for any statements in orange with the 'update available' label, and revert if you want to!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us in the chat box below! 😃

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