NOTE: When setting up OverSuite, please follow the step by step written guide below to make sure you don't miss anything important.

What Is OverSuite?

Subscribing to our OverSuite will enable you to meet the highest levels of risk and compliance standards.

A subscription to our OverSuite will provide you with Smart Engagement Letters, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Notices, Service Schedules, Disengagement Letters and more.

These will be carefully adapted to your firm and auto-updated with regulatory changes in GoProposal for you.

Once set up, you will be able to start producing high level, fully compliant engagement letters in GoProposal right away.

How To Configure Your OverSuite

Getting started with Smart Engagement Letters is easy. Subscribe to either a trial or paid subscription of OverSuite, answer a few questions about your firm and we'll take care of the rest..

Step 1. Trial/Subscribe to OverSuite

You will need to subscribe to OverSuite so you can start using Smart Engagement Letters. Both new and existing members can trial the product first.

For paying members..

Just head to the Settings > Accounts page of your app..

and select the OverSuite Foundation Pack as an add on (you can trial this for 3 days).

For new members (those on trial)..

Add the OverSuite to your free trial from Configure > Engagement Letters and then selecting the Get OverSuite tab.

Step 2. Launch the Wizard

You should now see the option to launch a wizard from your OverSuite page.

This will ask you a series of questions about your organisation to enable the entire engagement letter suite to be built and adapted for you.

Click through to this article for more information on what each of these questions means and how to answer them.

Once you have answered all of the questions within each section, submit your answers.

What Happens Next?

At this point the system will have generated and populated the following:

  • Your full engagement letter suite which includes your Scope Library (templates for different entities), Terms and Conditions, Privacy Notice, Smart Service Schedules and Agreement Statements. Find more information on where you can locate and tweak his content here.

  • Key letterhead components such as your letter footer and professional body legend for the contents page. Find more information on where you can locate and tweak this content here.

All of this content will combine to produce the correct engagement letter at the Create Proposal stage (Step 6).

Step 3. Set up all Key People in your firm

Before you can start producing your Smart Engagement Letters, you will want to make sure you have added all Key People in your firm to your GoProposal app whose details and signatures you may want to select to appear in the Engagement Letter, such as Directors, Partners, Principals and Auditors (Step 5).

Head to Configure > Engagement Letters > Key People..

.. select add new principal to add a new key person or edit to amend existing details of somebody within your organisation.

Input the name and select the role of this Key Person. You can also upload their signature and assign their Qualification..

Save this principal when done and repeat this step for all Directors, Principals and Auditors of the organisation.

Step 4. Assign your Service Schedules

Service Schedules are often provided by Governing Bodies to outline both your clients and your responsibilities when providing a specific service, such as Payroll.

The OverSuite will have generated a set of over 30 Smart Service Schedules that you can assign from your line items, so that these pull through dynamically to your letters where needed for a client.

Head to Configure > Line Items and Edit Line ..

.. From within the Contents Tab, tick the box to use Smart Service Schedules over creating your own.

Now, just assign the correct Schedule to that service.

You can also assign Service Schedules to sections where legal paragraphs apply to multiple services in a section, such as Tax Returns.

You can find more information on setting up Section Service schedules here.

Step 5. Include your Payroll Data Processor Agreement

The Data Processor agreement needs to be included in your Engagement Letter where you are providing payroll services whether they are fixed or variable employees, or CIS.

We would recommend using the section service schedule feature so that you can include both the data processor agreement, regardless of which payroll service you select.

This is how you do it..

A - Create a separate section for ALL of your Payroll services

B - Assign the individual OverSuite Payroll schedules to those services (Step 4)

C - Assign the 'Data Processor Agreement' to the Payroll section

D - Go into each payroll service line item in that section, edit it, and instruct it to use the section service schedule 'in addition' to the line schedules.

You can find more information and a step by step guide to the Section Service Schedule feature here.

Step 6. Generating your Smart Engagement Letters

When creating a proposal, choose from the Engagement Letters made available to you from OverSuite.

Depending on the engagement letter chosen, you may be required to include further information such as the name of the statutory auditor for this engagement.

Create the rest of the proposal as normal, ensuring you select all services that you will be providing to the client.

Once you have generated the fee, move through to the complete proposal stage and fill out all required details in this section..

... you can then scroll down to preview and review your Engagement Letter before sending this out to your client.

All content in the Engagement Letter will be automatically included for you based on the services selected in the proposal and the type of engagement letter you chose to pull through at the start, driven by OverSuite.

Letterheads required by your Governing Body will appear on the Contents page and the correct footer will also appear at the bottom of your documents.

Reviewing and Amending Content

If you would like to review or amend content in your OverSuite, click through to this article to learn how.

What Next?

There are a couple more things you will want to do so you can fully protect yourself.

1. Include a table of key dates in your engagement letter

In order to meet the highest standards of compliance, but also minimise risk, set expectations and develop stronger relationships with your clients, there are a couple more things you will want to do:

Click here to understand how you can set that up.

2. Configure your liability caps feature

In order to protect yourself, your clients and your firm against unnecessary risk, you need to limit your liability. One way to do that is to set a reasonable LIABILITY CAP for your client engagements. But getting this right is a minefield.

So to help you to navigate this minefield and overcome this problem, we have developed the Liability Caps feature for OverSuiteā„¢ subscribers.

Click here to get that working.

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