Lots of our members have been asking what to do when agreeing to do an additional piece of work for a client who has already signed their OverSuite Letter of Engagement.

Here's a full video explainer from our resident compliance expert, Valerie Steward.

Do I need to re-issue a Letter of Engagement for an Extra Work Order?

If you have agreed to provide an additional service to a client who has already signed their Letter of Engagement, you do not need to re-issue a full letter but you do need to ensure the client has the service schedule for this new service and that the Key Dates (start dates, deadlines for information and filing deadlines) have been communicated.

You can send this information across as an addendum in an email.

Within OverSuite, all service schedules can be switched to ‘read only’ from your line items so you can easily copy and paste the service schedule over to your addendum.

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