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How The Invoice Dashboard Works

How the invoice dashboard works, and what you can find on here.

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If you have an integration set up on GoProposal - such as Xero or QuickBooks - you can view your invoices within GoProposal on a separate Invoice dashboard. Here you can view Sent, Due & All Repeating invoices.

Step 1

When you first login to GoProposal, you will be able to view the Invoice tab from the selection of tabs at the top of your App.

Step 2

Finding your clients invoice.

Within your Invoice tab, you will be able to select from Sent, Due & All Repeating Invoices.

When you select the ‘Sent’ and ‘Due’ tab, you can search for proposals that are draft, live or paid.

For ‘Sent’ invoices, you can view invoices that have been sent to the client in the last 60 days. If you need to search for a particular invoice, use Command F and type in the client's Proposal Name/ID.

This will flag and highlight the proposals linked to that Proposal Name/ID.

Within the Due tab, you will be able to view all your client invoices that are due (depending on the day of the month they have been configured to in your Integration Settings).

Step 3

Depending on the settings within your Xero/QuickBooks integration tab, you may have invoices set to All Repeating.

When you select Auto Invoicing From GoProposal - Settings > Integrations Xero/QuickBooks -, you will be able to view all client invoices within the All Repeating tab from the Invoice Dashboard.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us! 😃

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