We have worked closely with accountancy firms using QuickBooks to ensure that our integration saves you time and provides a great experience for your team and clients.

Initial setup takes seconds but you also need to be aware of the more intricate aspects of the integration to ensure you're getting the most out of it.

QuickBooks Integration Setup - Explainer Video

Step By Step Guide

If you want to connect your GoProposal app up to your QuickBooks app, then setup is very easy and quick. Just follow these simple steps…

Step 1 – Login

Login to the admin area of your GoProposal app

Step 2 – Integrate

Make your way to Settings > Integrations > QuickBooks

Step 3 – Connect

Click the Connect to QuickBooks button

Step 4 – Login

You will be asked to login to your QuickBooks application

Step 5 – Authorize

Authorize Intuit to share your data to GoProposal

Congratulations… you are now connected. You just need to fill out the fields on the integrations page.

Understanding Setup Fields

Below is a summary of what each of the fields on the setup page means.

Track revenue against QuickBooks account codes

Decide which account codes you'd like to track your proposal and alignment fee revenue against.

NOTE: You can override default settings and assign services to specific account codes or products.

Tax to pass through QuickBooks

Choose which tax you'd like to pass through to Quickbooks within your pricing settings.

Define the term you'd like to use on your invoices.

Control how you would like fees to display on your invoices

Decide whether you'd like to show a breakdown of services or a total fee on your invoices.

Set invoices to specific dates

Set the date for invoices to be sent to your clients.


By default these invoices are sent over to QuickBooks once, meaning you will want to go into QuickBooks to mark invoices as recurring.

To reduce the amount of admin time your team need to spend managing invoices, enable Auto-Invoicing to allow GoProposal to send invoices over to QuickBooks each month.

Click here to understand more on how to set this up.

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