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What do I do if I can't find a service schedule I need within OverSuite?
What do I do if I can't find a service schedule I need within OverSuite?

Understand what to do if there is a service you provide but you can't find the schedule for this within OverSuite.

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OverSuite™ provides you with over 60 Service Schedules to choose from when assigning these to the services you deliver.

If you can’t find a Service Schedule for a service that you deliver, it will be for one of three reasons:

The service is bespoke or considered to be specific advice

If the service is bespoke to your firm or defined as a piece of advice that varies depending on the nature of the agreement with your client, this is not something that can be generalised to an OverSuite service schedule.

In this case, you can use the ‘blank’ service schedule template provided by OverSuite to draft up your own sets of responsibilities.

It’s really important you get this right, so we would advise having a watch of the Advice Masterclass we ran with our compliance experts which can be found here.

This will give you:

  • All of the protections you have in place for general advice within OverSuite and how and when they should be used

  • How to define the purpose for all the advice you give with a watertight audit trail

  • How to construct your own service schedules for specific advice you give using the blank template.

The service relies on a third party and their specific legal terms

A good example of this would be Tax Investigation Insurance. Firms of accountants are not allowed to fund insurance or cover. They sell a product from a third party.

They usually have to go through an insurance company to be able to offer this.

Our expert Val hasn't come across one where the firm hasn't given them a separate letter for this themselves, as it really depends on the nature of the project they are seller. The insurance company should provide with the letter they need to do this.

We don't have it yet

We don’t have it as it is not something that we have been asked about before or has a high priority number of requests. If you would like to request a schedule, jump on the chat support or e-mail and we will give you clarification. We monitor requests closely and continuously update your library of schedules where we believe it is viable to do so.

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