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Setting Up Your OverSuite® Engagement Letters
How to add a new letter of engagement/scope to your OverSuite library
How to add a new letter of engagement/scope to your OverSuite library

If new letter templates are added, or you want to add previous templates you didn't include originally, this is how you can do that.

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We are committed to making OverSuite the best it can be which means we are regularly updating the content for you as legislation changes, and often add new letter of engagement templates where there is demand.

You can find a full list of changes we have made over time in the change-log here.

There also might be situation situations where you want to revisit templates you previously didn't add and include them in your library of Engagement Letters.

This is how you do that..

Step 1. Go to your Engagement Letter Suite

From Configure > Engagement Letters select 'Configure OverSuite' on the left hand tab

On this page, you will see the option to review any available or new scopes you haven't added.

Click the button to review these.

This will bring up a list of scopes available for you to add. Select the ones you would like to add to your library..

..and then make sure you select add letters.

Congratulations! You should now see any new scopes you added in your your scope library within your Engagement Letter Suite.

What next?

You can produce an engagement letter using this new template when you create a proposal, or download a PDF of your OverSuite to review the content within it.

To download a PDF of your OverSuite..

Go to Configure > Engagement Letters and then Configure OverSuite (left hand tab) and then download the PDF from the option on the right hand side of the page.

Make sure to check you're happy with the content and make any amendments you need to the clauses to reflect your policies and processes!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us in the chat box below! 😃

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