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How To Edit Content in Your Engagement Letter Suite (OverSuite Users)
How To Edit Content in Your Engagement Letter Suite (OverSuite Users)

If you are subscribed to OverSuite and would like to amend content in your Engagement Letter Suite, here's how.

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If you are not subscribed to the OverSuite, then click here to understand how you can set up your Engagement Letters from scratch.

If you are using the GoProposal OverSuite, you will have access to a full set of Smart Engagement Letters, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Notices, Service Schedules, Disengagement Letters and more.

These will all be added into your GoProposal app automatically and combine when you create a proposal to generate the correct engagement letter for every client.

You may want to review or amend this content. Here's how you can do that.

Explainer Video - Editing OverSuite Content

Step 1. Head to your Engagement Letter Suite

Head to Configure > Engagement Letters > Engagement Letter Suite...

...on this page you will see a tab to open up your Scope Library, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Notice, Schedule of Services and Agreement Statements.

These individual elements will combine automatically when you create a proposal to generate the correct engagement letter every time.

Step 2. Editing content in your Engagement Letter Suite

To edit a particular area of your engagement letter, such as your terms and conditions, open up that section using the arrow indicated below.

From here, you will be able to review the content generated for you via OverSuite.

You can edit this content by editing individual statements or adding new paragraphs to the section.

Editing Statements

To edit a particular statement within a section, hover over it and choose edit...

..a pop up box will appear enabling you to edit content within this statement.

Important Note

By taking over the editing of this content, OverSuite will no longer auto-update it for you in the future. Please be especially careful when editing statutory statements as there is a chance you could invalidate the whole document.

Content you have tweaked will now appear in orange so that you are aware.. can revert to the original content generated by OverSuite by editing that statement and opting to Revert to the Original Version.

If there is an update available on content you have edited, the statement will appear in pink so that you can edit and update it.

Adding new paragraphs

You can add new paragraphs to sections within your Engagement Letter by opting to add a new paragraph to the end of a section...

...just add the additional statement you need within the pop up box and select add paragraph.

Additional statements added by you will appear in green.

You can edit all other content, such as the privacy notice, agreement statements and terms and conditions from your OverSuite in the same way.

The exception to this is your Service Schedules, which are controlled within line items.

Editing Your Schedule of Services from OverSuite

Schedule of Services generated via OverSuite will not appear on this page, but are instead controlled from within your line items.
Within each line item you will see the option to select a Smart Service Schedule to assign to that service.

You can edit content in the same way as above, and the same coloured text rules apply regarding making changes to these statements.

Step 3. Previewing your Changes

You can preview changes made to your Letter of Engagement by creating a proposal, completing the details and scrolling down to Preview Letter of Engagement.

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