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Proposals accepted but no Wahoo email

What to do if you have a proposal accepted but you haven't received the Wahoo email

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If you have raised a proposal but there is no Wahoo email, there are a few keys areas that you can check!

If you are using GoCardless, has the client filled out their DD Mandate Form, and can you see this reflected in GoCardless?

To check how this has been configured, head to Settings > Integrations > GoCardless. The client will have been prompted to sign the DD Mandate Form either during or after acceptance.

When the client signs and accepts their proposal, this may take a moment to load. It's important to make sure the client has waited for confirmation that this has been successful before coming off the page.

If the page is closed too early, it may not have been enough time to process that the proposal has been signed and accepted.

If additional members of the team are expecting the Wahoo email, head to Configure > Engagement Letter > Emails to ensure their email address has been added.

Here you can make sure the correct staff emails have been added to the 'Additionally email to' section.

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