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How To Resend Your Proposal Email

How you resend your proposal email for your clients

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Sometimes you might need to re send your initial proposal email to a client for them to sign.

How do I do this?

To check the status of your clients email (if they're opened it), head to your GoProposal app and the Proposal Dashboard.

To the right of your selected proposal, you will be able to view if the email has sent/bounced, and if a signature has been obtained.

Select the signature button and it will open up some further details on the proposal.

From here, select 'Resend Email' and once you have, the box will change to 'sent'.

What next?

Your client will receive a second email with the following wording;

"Hi [Client Name],

[Your Company Name] has kindly requested that you review, sign and accept Proposal [Proposal ID] for [Their Business Name] so we can start working with you.

The engagement cannot start until we have your signature and the start date is due to be [Start Date].

If you have any questions, please contact [Your Company Name] or your principle in charge [Principle In Charge Selected].

You can find details of the engagement here for you to review, sign and accept.

Many thanks,

[Team Member That Raised The Proposal]"

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