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Repeating Invoices in Xero & QuickBooks
Repeating Invoices in Xero & QuickBooks

How to set up your repeating invoices

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Within GoProposal, your invoices can be configured to your liking to ensure these are raised correctly for your clients. This can be set to repeating in Xero/Quickbooks, or auto-invoicing from GoProposal.

What are the differences between repeating in Xero/QBO and auto-invoicing in GoProposal?

Auto-invoicing from GoProposal can be configured within Settings > Integrations > Xero/QBO. By selecting Autoinvoicing from GoProposal, the invoice will be automatically generated for you each month in Xero/QBO.

What happens towards the end date of the proposal?

Towards the end date of the proposal (the financial year end that is entered on the Create Proposal page), if your clients proposal is not replaced, this will continue to run from GoProposal as it has not been renewed.

You can view all repeating invoices from GoProposal by heading to the Invoices tab > All Repeating.

Can the invoice be replaced?

Repeating invoices for an existing proposal can be replaced on the Create Proposal page to ensure the most up to date information for your client has been captured, and is pulled through to the invoice.

By replacing the repeating invoice, this will send an updated invoice to your client on the next invoice date. This ensures that all updates to your clients proposals are captured and updated.

Repeating invoices in Xero/QBO can be configured further in your accounting software to define the next steps once the proposal reaches its end date (the financial year end that is entered on the Create Proposal page).

What happens towards the end date of the proposal?

If no changes are made to your invoices within your accounting software, the invoices will stop after the end date entered on the initial proposal. A new proposal/renewal will need raised to ensure the invoice is raised, and the correct services and levels are reflected.

If you would like the invoice to continue to be raised (depending on the dates agreed with your clients), then invoice end date will need further configuring within the accounting software being used.

Can the invoice be replaced?

The invoice can be replaced within GoProposal by carrying out a new proposal, or creating a renewal based on the services you're raising for your client(s).

If you have any questions, please reach out to us! 😃

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