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Sage Business Cloud Accounting (SBCA)
Sage Business Cloud Accounting (SBCA)

Understand the SBCA integration and how to get set up (UK only).

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What is the SBCA integration?

SBCA is a cloud accounting software which integrates with GoProposal for UK users to assist your invoice workflow.

When a proposal has been created, this creates a quote in SBCA which then turns into an invoice once the proposal has been accepted.

How to set up the SBCA integration

Step 1: Log into the SBCA integration in your GoProposal app.
Head to Settings > Integrations > SBCA integration and then click the 'Login to SBCA' button.

Step 2: You will be redirected to Sage's log in page to enter your log in details.

Please note: Similar to how other GoProposal integrations work, only one user will need to log into SBCA for this to be set up for the app.

Step 3: Once you have entered your SBCA log in details, you will be redirected back to SBCA integrations page in your GoProposal app.
You need to define the options for 'How many days from the invoice date should the due date be' and 'default sales leger code' using the selection on the drop down menu.

Step 4: Set up your tax rates.
The final step to connecting your SBCA integration is to ensure you have the correct tax rates set up to pass through to SBCA. If there is no tax rate set up, the integration will not work.
To set this up, head to Configure > Pricing tool set up and then scroll down to the Tax Rates section.

If you already have a tax rate set up you will need to click the 'edit' button to review.
If you do not have a tax rate set up yet, you will need to create a new tax rate using the 'Add new tax rate' button.
Then, when you're in the Tax rate window, ensure the bottom field for 'What tax rate do you want to pass through to SBCA?' is filled in using the options from the drop down menu.

Save the tax rate once you have completed.

How the SBCA integration works

Once the SBCA integration is successfully set up, you can begin creating proposals to pull data through to SBCA.

You would create a proposal as normal, however one important detail to note here is that the address section in the 'Complete proposal' stage NEEDS to be filled in. Without this it will cause complications when the data is passed through to SBCA.

Once you have completed the proposal, you can then sent to the client as normal.

When the proposal has been sent to the client and is showing as 'Live' on your proposal dashboard, if you head to SBCA and click on the Sales tab and then Quotes and estimates, a quote for this proposal will show at the top of your list as 'pending'.

One thing to note here is that the invoice numbers are mapped to the settings within your SBCA, so to change this it has to be done within SBCA.
The GP proposal ID will show in the invoice reference.

Once the proposal has been accepted, the quote in SBCA will then show as 'Invoiced' and will show in the Sales invoices section.

To send the invoices out to the client, currently this will need to be manually done through SBCA.

In order to set your invoices up as recurring, this will need to be set up through the invoice in SBCA for the time being, as this is a feature we're working on to include within the SBCA integration.
To do this, within the client invoice, to the bottom right of your screen you have a variety of options with one being the 'Recur' button.

Click the 'Recur' button, which will then allow you to define the repeating elements. Once you have completed, click the 'save' button at the bottom of the page.

Marking a Proposal as Lost will change the quote status to 'declined' in SBCA,

If you were to reset the status of the proposal back to Live and then manually mark as won, this would change the status to 'Invoiced' in SBCA.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us! 😃

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