GoProposal AML: Getting Started

Understand how you can get started with AML for GoProposal.

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AML for GoProposal simplifies client onboarding and ongoing engagements by helping you to efficiently manage client money laundering risk in one place. From the moment a proposal is accepted, our AML system ensures a seamless journey from proposal to risk assessment and verification.

With tools to manage both new and existing client risk and market leading verification technologies, you can be totally confident in your compliance forevermore, whilst eliminating the administrative burden of these typically laborious processes and enthusing your clients with a first class onboarding journey.

Getting started with AML for GoProposal

Add AML to your account to run ID checks

To start running ID checks, you'll need to apply the AML add-on to your GoProposal app. Whether you are an existing member or new member you can have a 30-day free trial of the AML feature. You can do this from Account > Manage Account.

Access the AML features

Once the AML add on is activated, You will be prompted to complete the Onboarding wizard so we can capture some information from you.

You can then access the AML features through the Contact Hub using the menu at the top of your GoProposal app.

Prepare your Client Dashboard for Seamless Risk Management:

To get your client dashboard ready for efficient Risk Management, follow these steps:

Import Clients (if necessary):

If your client list isn't already in GoProposal, import your contacts via a CSV upload or from an existing integration. If the list already exists, proceed to the next step.

Merge Duplicates

If you have duplicate contacts, use the "Merge Duplicate Contacts" button to clean up your list.

Hide and Archive Clients

Hide old or irrelevant clients to work with a clean list. Multi-select the contacts and batch hide them. You can find them again by filtering Category: Hidden.

Bulk set AML Statuses

You can batch set ID check and Risk Assessment statuses to make migration seamless. Multi-select clients and then bulk set their Risk or ID status.

For example, set ID checks for 10 clients as "To Do" or "Up to Date" in one go.

From here, you should have a clean, up to date list, ready for your team to start working with.

Next Steps:

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