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Control the Wahoo e-mails that get sent when your documents are signed or approved
Control the Wahoo e-mails that get sent when your documents are signed or approved

Choose what the emails say and who they go to when your Letter of Engagement gets signed or proposal is approved.

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When your letters of engagement get signed they will be automatically sent to you and your clients and staff via email. You can configure these emails to ensure they feel personalised, and reflect the proposal template selected.

This is how you configure what those emails say and who they go to:

Step 1.
Finding the e-mails that get sent on acceptance.

From the admin area of your app go to Configure > Engagement Letters > E-mails

On this page you will see you can tweak two e-mails, one for your client and one for your staff.

  • The client e-mail goes to your client when they have accepted their Engagement Letter

  • The staff e-mail will go to the team member who produced the proposal to let them know it has been accepted.

You can also construct a completely different e-mail for when you are requiring approval of a proposal but no signature (click here for more on this).

Step 2. Editing the e-mails

Once you know which e-mail you want to tweak, find it and overwrite the content. Make sure to select 'save' at the bottom to make sure this pulls through for you.

Step 3. Test

If you want to see how this e-mail would look to a client or staff member, test this out by creating a dummy proposal.

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