When your letters of engagement get signed they will be automatically sent to you and your clients via email.

This is how you configure what those emails say and who they go to.

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Note: You can now construct two different engagement letter confirmation e-mails, depending on the type of acceptance you are choosing for your proposals.

How to Configure Your E-mails

Step 1. Go to Configure > Letter of Engagement > E-mails

Log in to the admin area of your app and from Configure > Letter of engagement, select the e-mails tab.

Step 2. Decide which confirmation e-mail to edit

You can construct two versions of an e-mail confirmation for your clients.

One for proposals where you are requiring a signature from your client upon acceptance, and another where you're requiring general acceptance or approval but no signature.

Just flip between the tabs to construct the one you need..

You can find out more about how the different approval options work here.

Step 3. Construct your e-mail content.

Within the tab you can configure the e-mails that will go to both your clients..

..and your staff.

Merge tags are a great way to automate important references for your clients and staff.

You can ensure the confirmation e-mail always gets sent to more than one staff member by using the additionally e-mail to field.

If sending to multiple addresses, use commas to separate them.

Step 4. Save.

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