When your letters of engagement get signed they will be automatically sent to you and your clients via email.

This is how you configure what those emails say and who they go to.

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How to Configure Your E-mails

Step 1. Go to Configure > Letter of Engagement > E-mails

Log in to the admin section of your Go Proposal app and within configure > letter of engagement, select the e-mails tab on the left hand side.

Step 2. Editing your e-mail content

When the letter of engagement is signed, two e-mails will go out. One to your client and one to the staff member who created the proposal. 

A signed copy of the letter of engagement will be attached to both.

Client E-mail Content

In this box, you can configure the client e-mail content. 

Merge tags are a great way to automate important references in your e-mails, such as your clients first name, their company name and your details. To use these, select from the 'Add Merge Tag' dropdown menu. 

Staff e-mail content

In this box, you can configure what the e-mail going out to staff members says. 

This email will automatically go to the staff member who created the proposal.

If you want to send this e-mail to additional team members, type their names in the 'additionally email to' box separated by commas.

Step 3. Save your settings

Once you are finished configuring your e-mail content, save your settings. 

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