Merge tags are used in various areas of Go Proposal, such as when you are setting up your letter of engagement templates or configuring the e-mail content that goes out when the letters are signed.

They are a great way to automate important references, such as the proposal ID, your clients details or your company details. 

Using merge tags ensures that every proposal you create will trigger automatic, personalised and specific content to be sent to your client!

How to Use

You can use merge tags wherever you see the 'Add Merge Tag' drop down as shown below, for example when configuring the letter of engagement e-mail content.

Just select the merge tag you want to use from the drop down menu that appears. A full list of our available merge tags is provided here.

Available Merge Tags

Client details 

The following merge tags, where used, will pull your clients details into your content:

Client first name
Client last name
Client e-mail
Client company name
Client position
Client office phone
Client mobile phone
Client address

Staff details

The following merge tags relate to the staff member who produced the proposal:

Staff name
Staff position
Staff e-mail
Staff phone

Other staff

Person responsible - This is great if you need to quote the person responsible for servicing your client going forwards, for example your clients Account Manager. 

You will type this persons name into the 'Responsible Parties' section when you create a proposal and complete it.

Principal in charge - You can use this merge tag to reference the principal in charge of a particular assignment throughout your letters and e-mails or proposal.

A good place to use this is when building out the content for a letter of engagement template (such as the scope and T&C's)


Using the following tags will allow you to automatically pull various fees from the proposal into content going out to your client. 

Net monthly fee
Gross monthly fee
Net one-off fee
Gross one-off fee
Net annualised fee
Gross annualised fee

Letter of engagement

Letter of engagement button - Where this tag is used in e-mails or the letter of engagement, this letter of engagement button will appear:

This links the client to the electronic signature page. A good place to use this is when constructing the confirmation text that comes at the end of your letter of engagement. 

Proposal details

Using these tags will automatically pull various details of the proposal into the content specified.

Proposal number - i.e. the proposal id
Start date - refers to the start date of the proposal term
End date - refers to the end date of the proposal term
Date of sending proposal
Proposal type
Entities list

Follow up date - When you create a proposal and complete it, you may set a follow up date for yourself. You can use this merge tag to reference this date in e-mails to your client. 

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