In some cases you may be creating multiple proposals for a client throughout the year and want a quick and easy way to distinguish between these. 

So.. why not apply a project title to your proposal? 

How to Add a Project Title

Step 1. Create a proposal

Log in to Go Proposal and create a proposal

Step 2. Add a project name

The Basic Information section will appear. Enable the 'Add Project Name' feature at the bottom of this section by sliding the toggle.

Once you have enabled the feature, add your project name to the box.

Step 3. Complete and send 

Complete your proposal as normal and send or save as draft. 


Viewing Your Project Title

You can view your project title in two places.

  • Front cover of the Proposal and Letter of Engagement
  • Proposal List

Log in to the admin section of your app and go to your proposal list. You can hover over the blue i to view the title.

This way, you can choose between different proposals for the same client without having to go into the proposal itself. 

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