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It's great to welcome you to GoProposal and we look forward to helping you to price all of your services more consistently and more profitably across all of your clients.

Getting your pricing, letters of engagement and proposals right are fundamental to making GoProposal work. But some members can become stuck in the perfectionism trap.

Rather than strive for perfection, your GoProposal pricing model, LOEs and service descriptions are something you’re going to continually return to and evolve. 

The goal is to get it to the point where you can confidently use it with one client or prospect. So in terms of progress, it just needs to be better than what you have now. 

We have devised 4 steps to get your accountancy business set up on GoProposal.

These steps will be key in starting to price consistently, sell your services more confidently, and ultimately grow more profitably.

Stage 1 is to get your pricing right.

The pricing you will find within your app has been taken from profitable accountancy businesses of all different sizes. 

Take it, use it to benchmark, tweak it, then dive in test it to re-price 1 existing client. 

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