For most firms Letters of Engagement take a lot of time to produce, to keep updated and to ensure they're full compliant. 

GoProposal centralises and automates this task so you never have to worry about it again.

There are two routes you may choose from when setting up your Engagement Letters in GoProposal:

  • If you are based in the UK, you can trial the OverSuite which will create, upload and regularly update your Engagement Letters in GoProposal

  • If you are not based in the UK or you have your Engagement Letters to hand, you can copy and paste these into GoProposal

STEP 1 - Decide if the OverSuite is the right for you (UK members Only)

You can find out more about the GoProposal OverSuite here.

Who is the OverSuite right for?

  • UK based members

  • If you currently don't have an Engagement Letter to hand

  • If you are struggling to find the time to create and regularly review your Engagement Letters

  • If you are worried about whether or not your Engagement Letters are compliant

STEP 2 - Set up your Engagement Letters

If you already have your Engagement Letters to hand, you can easily copy and paste these into GoProposal.

To set up your Engagement Letters with OverSuite, watch this video.

To set them up without OverSuite, you'll want this video instead!

Want to skip this step for now?

If you have signed up and are keen to get a proposal out to a recent enquiry you have had, or have your own process for your letters of engagement, then you can skip this step and send a proposal out without an engagement letter.

This is how you would do that.

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