STAGE 2 - Send a Test Proposal and Review [30 mins]

Make your proposals functional and ready to use

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Proposals can be beautifully tailored with full page graphics and client testimonials. You can even create different ones for different niches, partners or teams….. but that’s for later. 

It's important not to become distracted by all the advanced features that GoProposal has at this stage. 

Your primary goal is to create a functioning proposal for your first client.

Keep it simple (version 1 remember).

Watch our 1-minute help video on how to send a test proposal:

STEP 1 - Review your test proposal [10 minutes]

Create and send yourself a test proposal and decide what needs to improve by reviewing the PDF and e-mails you receive.

You can edit the wording or add a testimonial or two. Just keep it simple.... for now.

STEP 2 - Check the emails [10 minutes]

The emails have been configured for you and are ready to send. Edit them if you want but they’re pretty strong. You can also set your email signatures as well. But don’t go too crazy with those for now.

STEP 3 - Confirm your fee review proposal [10 minutes]

The final step is to duplicate this core proposal and tweak it for fee reviews, so that you can confidently use the system for both new clients and existing clients. Most of the proposals you produce should be for existing clients if you stick to our philosophies, in terms of reviewing scope creep regularly. More of that later :)

Check out our best practice guide on setting up your proposal templates for Fee Reviews and producing these effortlessly!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us! 😃

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