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How do I charge a catch up fee for previous years accounts plus a monthly fee going forwards?
How do I charge a catch up fee for previous years accounts plus a monthly fee going forwards?

Understand the different pricing options you have when agreeing work for previous years accounts in addition to the current financial year.

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In some cases, you may be agreeing to do work for your client for the remainder of their current financial period but also previous years.

The alignment fee will only generate a catch-up payment for the current financial period, where the difference between the start and end date of the proposal is under 12 months. This is to ensure you don't lose out financially on services you provide annually.

However, we have some nice ways of ensuring you can include fees for previous years in GoProposal..

One Proposal Solution

If you'd like to cover the current financial year along with any previous years work in one proposal, we would recommend creating a line item for any previous years financial work and setting this as a one off cost..

You could use calculations to factor in the number of months, or anything else you need..

The alignment fee will still be calculated for any annual work agreed for the current financial year providing the start and end dates of the engagement are under 12 months and you have enabled it for the service in question.

Two Proposal Solution

Some people prefer to issue a separate proposal for previous years accounts work. Using this method, you can use the annualised costs feature to offer a discount or price increase to your client for this work, depending on whether they are going to pay upfront or not.

You can also add project names to proposals to help your clients and team distinguish between the work being agreed.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us! 😃

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