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One-Off costs and how they work
One-Off costs and how they work

One-Off costs are a single cost throughout the year which differ to the monthly recurring cost.

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The GoProposal philosophy is built around a monthly recurring revenue model because this is how we believe you should grow a successful accountancy firm.

However, there will always be some costs which are just paid once, such as Company Formation or setup costs for accounting software.

One-off costs sit separately to monthly fees in the proposal PDF to avoid any confusion.

How They Work

One-off costs are a pricing variation for those services you do not want to charge for on a monthly basis. These services will appear on a separate invoice if you are integrated with Xero or Quickbooks.

How To Use

Step 1. Go to Configure > Line Items  > Edit Line 

Line items are the services you offer to your clients. To price a service using a one off cost, click edit line next to that service.

Step 2. Pricing > Pricing type > One Off Cost 

Choose the 'One-Off' pricing type.

Step 3. Choose your method of pricing

You can decide whether you'd like to use a fixed price, variation pricing, number range pricing or the annual revenue method for your one off cost. 

Step 4. Set your fee

Set the one-off fee. 

Step 4. Save

Save your line item when you're happy, you can also build up the complexity of the fee by adding a calculation.

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