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Adding, Managing or Removing Tax in Proposals e.g. show VAT, no VAT, GST
Adding, Managing or Removing Tax in Proposals e.g. show VAT, no VAT, GST

Discover how you can manage tax labels in GoProposal and add, remove or change the default tax rate used for your proposals.

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If you aren't yet VAT registered or have certain clients where tax doesn't apply to their proposals, then you will want to understand how to manage your tax rates in GoProposal.

Step 1. Managing Your Tax Rates

You can add as many different tax rates as you need into GoProposal, set a default rate and apply different rates to specific services. First, you'll want to add all of the tax rates you will need into your system.

Go to Configure > Pricing Tool-Set up..

..and scroll down the page to the Tax Rates section.

Here, you will want to make sure you have added in all of the different rates you may need to use. See Step 3 for how we can apply specific rates to individual services.

If you don't charge VAT, you will want to add a new tax rate called 'No VAT' at 0% and set this to be the default.

To add a rate, select 'add new tax rate' and fill out the following fields..

  • Tax Label: Type of Tax e.g. VAT, No VAT, GST, Reduced Rate, VAT.

  • Tax Percentage: e.g. 20, 0.

  • What tax do you want to pass through to Xero/QuickBooks?: Select this only when utilising these integrations.

Save your tax rate and add in any others you may need.

Step 2. Setting your default tax rate

The default rate you set will apply to all service fees in your proposals unless otherwise specified in Step 3.

Step 3. Apply a different tax rate to a specific service

Certain services may be subject to a reduced tax rate or no tax and you can specify this for each service.

Go to to Configure > Line Items..

.. select edit line next to the service you want to alter the tax rate for.

From the pricing tab, you can override the default tax rate and choose a specific rate to apply to that service.

Save the line item and follow the same procedure for any other services you need to apply different tax to.

Step 4. Checking your Changes

Once you have saved your changes, all of the new rates should apply when you create a proposal or edit an existing proposal and hit calculate.

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